Our refuge

“The winery has always been our refuge. It is the place where the grapes we have taken care of during the year rest and get ready to become wine. Respect for the processes; trust in our people and meticulous care of every detail has made our winery an extension of our homes” Pablo Gimenez 

Placed in Los Sauces, Tunuyán, Uco Valley, the winery has a production capacity of 125,000 liters.

Our grapes are hand-picked and taken to the winery where they are received in a conveyor belt for cluster and grape selection. After that, a second hand-selection takes place in a vibratory sorting table to guarantee top quality from the beginning of the process. Without going through pressing or pumping, the selected grapes get to tanks in their natural state to begin maceration and, later on, fermentation, which will turn the fruit into outstanding wines.

The winery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, temperature regulation systems, stainless steel tanks and a selection of French oak barrels. All this provides the means to follow traditional practices in controlled environment. The secret is a wise combination of technology and intuition to detect the perfect timing for each process. The result is great wines – works of art that we love to make and share.


Share unique and unforgettable moments in the heart of the Uco Valley


Options menus 4 and 6 steps, children's menu Each step paired with a different wine Dinners 4 steps to the grill Business events, celebrations and family celebrations


Suite accommodation with mountain view Maid services and continental breakfast

Horseback riding

Enjoy an unforgettable moment with a unique landscape through our videos on horseback in the setting of Mendoza sunset and its impressive mountain range.

Bike rides

Bicycle tours along the valley roads.

A story of dreams and passions

“Our family history is closely attached to sacrifice and the will to follow common dreams while pursuing each one’s path in life. The contribution of individual talents has made this family a generator of passions and projects” Eduardo Giménez

The story tells that since the 19th century, passion for making wine has run in the veins of the Gimenez Riili family. Back in 1890, Don Fernando Riili arrived in Argentina from Sicily, together with his wife and five of his thirteen children, in search of new horizons. The family settled in Colonia Segovia, Guaymallén, in the province of Mendoza. It is said that the charming soil of this region encouraged Don Fernando to pursue his dream of starting his own vineyard outside Europe. In the midst of this arduous work, eight of his children were born, among them, Fernando Riili junior. Together, they started one of the first family wineries in the region, offering neighbors good demijohn wine. Years later, Fernando Riili Junior married Irma Gudiño and gave birth to two girls, María and Susana Riili. And this is the story of the Riili family, a story of dreams and prosperity. Meanwhile, in 1905, Don Pedro Gimenez Padilla travelled form the magic land of Granada in Spain to Argentina with his parents and siblings. The Giménez settled in Maipú, precisely in a district called Kilómetro 8, and committed themselves to the work of the land.

Already married to Ángela Escobar and father of seven children, among them Eduardo, Don Pedro dreamed of his own vineyard. In 1945 that dream came true when he bought a property in La Primavera, Maipú. Together with his children, he threw himself into the meticulous work of planting the vine. This is the story of endeavor and longing of the Gimenez family. Some years later, Eduardo Gimenez meets Susana Riili. They got married on warm December day in 1967. The two stories merge into one, and all of their dreams and passions start to interweave. After the death of their father, Eduardo and his siblings purchased and restored a winery in Rodeo de la Cruz in Guaymallén where they start making and selling their own wines. As a result of their hard work, the Gimenez siblings build a larger winery, also in Rodeo de la Cruz in 1979, to keep the family tradition alive. Five boys were born out of the love between Eduardo and Susana. From a young age, they cherished and inherited the passion for winemaking from their parents and ancestors. The Gimenez Riili now share a single story that emerges from family bonds, diversity of opinions and the commitment to moving forward with passion, brotherhood and work.

Nuestros Vinos

“In order to keep family love alive, it is necessary to uncover the secrets of each moment in life. The spirit and strength of young brothers and the wisdom and patience of parents – the magnificent union of the family…”

Buenos Hermanos

“Since children, we have been expressive boys, getting into fights and then reconciling, playing games...

Padres dedicados

“Love, care, patience, sacrifice. These wines pay homage to our children who have kept our love story alive...

Gran Familia

“These wines reflect the plurality of expressions found in a big family table. Within that complexity, what...

Joyas de Familia


“These are special editions; gems that are stored for their uniqueness, incomparability and the extraordinary stories they tell...


“We have always loved celebrating the moment spent together as way to thank life for this family full of joy...

Tierra de Dioses

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